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The Story of Roger van Ransbeek

”I almost turned my back on my passion.“


Being a director means keeping control of your own play.

When Roger retired from his career at the Navy, he devoted his free time to his longstanding passion: Theatre. He started writing and directing plays. However, due to his hearing loss, it was getting harder to lead his actors on stage.

He had been wearing hearing aids for some years but his hearing difficulties were still separating him from his hobby. Voices became distant and he was no longer the guiding hand behind his own play. Also, he had to sit in front of the theatre to get a feeling of what was going on.


Always keep an eye out for new solutions on the market.


After visiting Lapperre, a member of Connect Hearing Group, he acquired new hearing aids. Additionally, he also acquired a few extra rows of seats- he is now able to lead the actors from the middle of the theatre again.
Roger learned that he was a customer within a fast-growing and innovative industry. He must always look out for new hearing solutions on the market. He is glad he never stopped searching and now carries on directing his plays- after all, the show must go on.