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The Story of Josiane Sellemans

“I fell out of sync with the person
I knew inside out.”


Hearing problems can affect relationships.

Josiane was diagnosed with Otosclerosis when she was 26 years old, which significantly affected her hearing. But she moved on and could get by. It was only a decade later that her hearing loss took a toll on her life.

She and her granddaughter have a very close relationship. She loved it when her granddaughter would update her on her life. But, when they would sit down together to engage in their hourly conversations, it became a struggle to follow what was being said. She found herself missing out on her granddaughter’s experiences.


“I finally face my hearing loss with humor.”


She decided to opt for a hearing aid. With the help of a hearing professional at Lapperre, a member of Connect Hearing Group, in Belgium, she found the right solution for her hearing difficulties. Now she is back to enjoying pleasant sounds that life has to offer, such as good music. She has also developed a positive attitude towards her hearing loss. But the most important change of all is being back in touch with her granddaughter’s life and regaining her role as an attentive grandmother.