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The Story of Freddie „Lee“ Andrews

„I was about ready to put my clubs away.“


Hearing aids can save lives.

As an Army veteran, Freddie has been around in the world and has lots of stories to tell. However, one of his best stories happened on the golf course in his

home town of Florida. It is the story about how his hearing aids from Connect Hearing saved his life...


„I'm so glad
I put those hearing aids in!“


He was playing golf with a friend and went to look for his ball. He didn't have his hearing aids on as he kept them in his pockets while playing. Suddenly he could see his friend yelling and screaming at him but he couldn't hear him. He got his hearing aids out, put them in his ears and could finally hear his friend telling him to move - there was an alligator right behind him and he hadn't seen it.