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The Story of Mauro de Oliveira

„I’ve missed the sound
of chirping birds and rustling leaves.“


Hearing aids help you do
what you love.

Mauro lives in Rio de Janeiro and loves to spend his free time in his garden. One day he noticed that his garden had become awfully silent - he could no longer hear the sounds of nature. Mauro believed that from now on he would not be able to enjoy his hobby as much as he did before.

He made an appointment with a hearing care professional at Audium, a member of Connect Hearing Group, and had his hearing tested. His hearing care professional encouraged him to start wearing hearing aids so that he could enjoy gardening again. So Mauro did.


A good relationship
to your hearing
care professional
is key.


He is grateful that he has found a solution for his hearing issues, but also for the people that fueled the gears and made it happen: The hearing care professionals at Audium. Mauro is known in nearly all shops in Rio, because he visits all of them. Building a relationship with the entire team in Rio has become an activity he is very dedicated to. But his biggest hobby still stays in his garden – where he can listen to nature.