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The Story of Bruna Bongiorno

„I can’t imagine a life without hearing aids.
I’m addicted. Addicted
to listening.“


„Lyric is perfect to me.“

Bruna was an ordinary teenage girl, full of dreams for the future, when she was told by a hearing care professional that she was suffering from hearing loss. With her first pair of hearing aids, the adaption to the new devices proved to be very difficult – everything sounded different and strange to her. She was also very active in sports and always had to take them out while doing activities that involved a lot of sweating to protect the devices from becoming defective.

Despite this, she went on to finish her degree and pursued becoming a sports educator. Her hearing issues, however, persisted. One day, her hearing care professional at Audium Brazil, a member of Connect Hearing Group, advised her to give the Lyric from Phonak a try.


„With new hearing solutions come new opportunities.“


After fitting, Bruna was astounded by the new sounds she could hear and, equally important, she gained new confidence. The part-time model started to build a running team, a dream she had ever since beginning her studies as a sports educator. Nowadays she is able to hear how her running mates perform only by the sounds of their breaths.