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The Story of Jean Guglielmino

“Travelling with bad ears just isn’t the same thing.”


“Grasping the interests of my fellow travelers is essential.”

Jean had a job that enabled him to explore the world. His employer would arrange trips to foreign countries so that employees could travel in their spare time. Now that Jean is retired, he organizes trips himself for his friends to continue the travelling experience.

His travel tours are unique in that they have a personal touch: Travel booklets are created by Jean himself and his vast knowledge and love for cultures shine through the stories that he tells. He knew: This role was made just for him. However, when his hearing started deteriorating, he lost this feeling of comfort.


Better hearing makes you better at your job.


Being a guide means being able to respond to questions. Despite concentrating to hear his friends during his tours, he still couldn’t always understand. It started affecting his ability to tell his stories with ease.
He stopped by Lapperre, a member of Connect Hearing Group, where a hearing professional carefully selected the right hearing aid model for him. His hearing aids have turned him into a better guide. So he continues to tell his stories.