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The Story of Jean Nulens

”While biking with my friends, I felt like a third wheel.“


Hearing solutions can make a difference.

Jean and his friends share one important hobby: Bike tours. For them, getting on their bikes and taking in the nature around them together has turned into a special routine that celebrated their companionship. However, despite being close to his friends, he felt left behind.

This was because he couldn’t hear so well anymore. Conversations during the rides became a strain and he found himself sharing way fewer laughs with his humorous friends.


“I can continue my hobby– even with a hearing loss.”


But then he heard of Lapperre, a member of Connect Hearing Group. He booked an appointment with the hearing care professional. After his hearing was carefully examined, he was equipped with a set of hearing aids. Jean felt good having a hearing specialist advise him on all the possible hearing solutions.

Today, the biking group has made space for two more companions- Jean’s hearing aids, who are just as ready for another ride.