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The Story of Lisa Smith

„My family Sundays were fading away.“


I love getting everyone together
for a meal but then my hearing problems started.

When her children got frustrated and friends just said „Oh, she can't hear!“ when she didn't respond to them, it was time for Lisa to see the hearing specialists at Connect Hearing. Here she found the help and professional care she was looking for.

The hearing care professionals really took time to go through the background of her hearing loss and helped her to prioritize her personal hearing goals, for example conversations with her children and other social interactions.


Do whatever it takes to restore hearing.


Having truly understood the history of Lisa's hearing loss and her hearing needs, the hearing professionals at Connect Hearing carefully selected the right hearing aid model for her. This improved her ability to hear and understand people significantly.

Lisa always felt that she was involved in the decision making process and she realized that there is much more to buying a hearing aid than meets the eye. She also came to understand that hearing loss is not necessarily age-related and that it is part of her life. She also knows that her hearing care professionals will always be there for her.